Call for Papers, International Conference of Historical Geographers, London, 5-10 July 2015

Call for Papers, International Conference of Historical Geographers, London, 5-10 July 2015



Mona Domosh, Dartmouth College

Karen M. Morin, Bucknell University

Tamar Rothenberg, Bronx Community College-CUNY

It’s been over a decade since Domosh and Morin (2003*) reported on the status of feminist historical geography – a field which the authors argued, ‘”rarely traveled under its own name.” It seems appropriate to check back in and see where and how feminist historical geographers have traveled over the last decade. The International Conference of Historical Geographers in London provides us with an opportunity to regroup, to see where we’ve come as well as to claim space for feminists within historical geography. What spaces, knowledges, and practices have caught the attention of those whose work crosses the nexus of feminism-history-geography? Broadly we envision both paper sessions as well as panel discussions around a wide range of theoretical and applied topics, and aspire towards international inclusiveness.

Suggested topics within this theme of Feminist Historical Geography include (but are not limited to) the following:

  •  What are the connections between history and geography from a feminist perspective?
  • What is happening in feminist historical geography in various sites around the globe?
  • How have feminist historical geography theories, methods and insights been applied within various research programs?
  • What recent interventions have we seen in including women and gender in the history of geography?
  • What are the possibilities for collaborative work between women’s history and feminist historical geography?
  • How have scholars explored connections among feminist historical geography, environmental history, and science studies?

Submissions: Please submit 250-word paper abstract or panel session proposal to Tamar Rothenberg (, Mona Domosh (Mona.Domosh@Dartmouth.EDU) and Karen M. Morin ( by Friday. August 29th, 2014.

For further information on the International Conference of Historical Geographers 2015:


Mona, Karen, and Tamar

* Mona Domosh and Karen M. Morin, “Travels with Feminist Historical Geography,” Gender, Place and Culture Vol. 10, No. 3 (2003): 257-264.

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