Every year, the Geographic Perspectives on Women (GPOW) Specialty Group presents three different awards: the Jan Monk Service Award, the Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award, and the Glenda Laws Student Paper Competition. These awards are given annually at the AAG meeting. For a list of award winners, see below.

Jan Monk Service Award

This award is named in honor of past-President of the AAG, Jan Monk, and recognizes a geographer who has made an outstanding service contribution to women in geography and/or feminist geography. To nominate someone for this award, please email the name of your nominee to the awards committee.

Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award

This award honors Susan Hanson, a past President of the AAG, whose scholarship has been key to extending understandings of the intersections of gender and geography. It seeks to highlight a Ph.D. dissertation proposal that promises to make substantial contributions to the geographic analysis and interpretation of topics related to gender, sexuality, and feminism. ***Proposals should be double-spaced, 12-point font and not more than 10 pages in length. There should be a title page with the student’s name and institution.*** So that the judges may read the proposals anonymously, do not include author’s name anywhere on the inside pages of the paper.  Email the dissertation proposal (as a .doc or .pdf file) to the committee.

Glenda Laws Student Paper Competition

This award is named in memory of feminist geographer Glenda Laws (1959-1996), who, among many other things, was a fabulous mentor to her undergraduate and graduate students. Up to two prizes will be awarded, and both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to participate. Papers must derive from and contribute to feminist research in geography. Papers presented at a regional or national geography meeting from February through April are eligible for consideration. Papers written for course work during this period will also be considered. Theses and dissertations are not eligible for this competition. ***Papers should be double-spaced, 12-point font, and not more than 15 pages in length. There should be a title page with the student’s name, institution, level of study (B.A./B.S., M.A./M.S., Ph.D.), and when and where the paper was/will be presented or the course title, term and year for which the paper was written.*** So that the judges may read the papers anonymously, do not include author’s name anywhere on the inside pages of the paper. Please email a copy of your paper (as a .doc or .pdf file) to the committee.


Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award

Aparna Parikh, Pennsylvania State University, “‘Is there anything else I can help you with today?’: Exploring the nightscapes and intimate labors of call centers in Manila and Mumbai”

Glenda Laws Student Paper Award

MA award

Ana Grahovac, University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign, “Geographies Of Abortion Access In the US”

Undergraduate award

Christine Alic, Brock University, “Contested Landscapes of the Female Gaze: Self –Portraits as Resistance to Gender Oppression”

Jan Monk Service Award

Dr. Linda Peake, York University



Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal

“When the cows come home: Gender and pastoralism in Southern Kenya,” Kayla Yurco, Penn State University

Glenda Laws Paper

“Networks of intimacy: Moving ‘the family’ from object to assemblage,” Sarah Stinard-Keil, Temple University

Jan Monk Service

Lynda Johnson, University of Waikato

2013 Winners

Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal

“Embodied Politics of Everyday Life in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina,” by Sunčana Laketa, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona

Glenda Laws Papers (2)

Masters: “On the power of property: Space, violence, and the law in Portland’s Prostitution-free Zone Ordinance,” by Juliane Collard, MA Candidate, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

PhD: “Be Prepared: Girls Imagining Future Selves through Scouting,” by Denise Goerisch, PhD Candidate, San Diego State University and UC Santa Barbara

Jan Monk Service Award

Dr. Robyn Longhurst, Professor of Geography, University of Waikato

2012 Winners

Susan Hansen Dissertation Proposal

“Modernizing the Public Space: Gendered Space and Multiple Modernities in Twentieth Century Tehran,” Nazgol Bagheri, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Candidate in Geography and Sociology, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Glenda Laws Paper

“The Social Construction of Garden Space as a Site for Anti-Racist Struggle,” Leticia Garcia, BA candidate in Women’s/LGBT Studies & Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University

Jan Monk Service Award

Dr. Kath Browne, School of Environment and Technology, University of Brighton