We are pleased to commemorate our previous award winners, listed below. We are also seeking stories about the founding and previous work of GPOW to build a collaborative history. Reach out to a board member via the Contact page with your stories.


We are happy to commemorate the previous winners of the GPOW annual awards. Congratulations to all and thank you for your work!



Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Kath Browne, School of Environment and Technology. University of Brighton.

Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award: Nazgol Bagheri, (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Missouri, Kansas City) “Modernizing the Public Space: Gendered Space and Multiple Modernities in Twentieth Century, Tehran”

Glenda Laws Paper Award: Leticia Garcia (B.A. Candidate, Temple University) “The Social Construction of Garden Space as a Site for Anti-Racist Struggle”


Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Melissa Gilbert, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award: Jill Williams, (Ph.D. Student, Clark University) “Border Enforcement and the Gendered Politics of Humanitarianism”

Glenda Laws Paper Award: Rosemary Collard (Ph.D. student, University of British Columbia) “Cougar Figures, gender and the performances of predation”


Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Saraswati Raju, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India

Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award: Beth Bee (Ph.D. student, Pennsylvania State University ) “Women Weathering the Climate: Adaptive Capacties and Changing Rural Livelihoods in Mexico,” and Jacquelyn Micieli (Ph.D. student, Syracuse University) “Re-membering 9/11: the (geo)Politics of Mourning and Memorialization”

Glenda Laws Paper Award: Roberta Hawkins (Ph.D. student, Clark University) “One Pack = One Vaccine = One Global Motherhood? A Feminist Analysis of Ethical Consumption”


Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Pennsylvania State University chapter of Supporting Women in Geography

Glenda Laws Paper Award: Caroline Faria (Ph.D. student, University of Washington) “’Women Wa-yee!:’ Sudanese Feminisms and the Politics of Unity,” and Kate Coddington Senner (Ph.D. student, Syracuse University) “Alaskan Colonial Legacies, Both Strange and Familiar: A Ghost Story”

Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award: Holly Worthen (Ph.D. student, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) “Mexico’s ‘New’ Rural Women: Gendered Labor and Formulations of Rural Citizenship”


Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Maria-Dolors Garcia-Ramon, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Glenda Laws Paper Award: Emma Crossley (undergraduate, Simon Fraser University) “The Personal is Global,” and Kate D. Derickson (Ph.D. Student, Penn State University) “Towards a Non-Totalizing Critique of Capitalism”


Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Karen Morin

Glenda Laws Paper Award:

Undergraduate: Rosemary Collard — “Gender and Nature in Campus Space: An Ecofeminist Reading of the University of British Columbia’s Sustainability Policies.”

Ph.D.: Serin D. Houston — “Challenge, Complicity, and Conformity: Expressions of Whiteness in Mixed-Race Households in Tacoma, Washington.”


Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Janet Momsen

Glenda Laws Paper Award:

Undergraduate: Jessica Barnes — “A Space of Her Own: The Notion of Home in Chopin’s The Awakening”

Masters Level: Elizabeth (Liz) Lee, — “Migrant Remittances and Gender Relations in the Transnational City”

Ph.D.: Ann Marie Murnaghan — “Representing Nature in Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe’s Diary: An Examination of Toronto’s Colonial Past”


Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Ellen Hansen, Emporia State

Glenda Laws Paper Award: Helen Watkins and Eunyoung Choi


Jan Monk Service Award Winner: Pamela Moss


Jan Monk Service Award: Liz Bondi and Mona Domosh, Founders of Gender, Place and Culture

Glenda Laws Paper Award: Tiffany Muller Myrdhal, University of Minnesota, and Karen Dias, Simon Fraser University


Glenda Laws Paper Award: Amy Trauger, Pennsylvania State University


Glenda Laws Paper Award: Risa Whitson, “Making Work Count: Gender and the Informal Economy,” Pennsylvania State University


Jan Monk Service Award: Susan Mains

Glenda Laws Paper Award: Jennifer Fluri


Glenda Laws Paper Award: Sarah Halvorson, “Children, Disease Hazard, and the Social Construction of Vulnerability in Pakistan.” My affiliation was: Doctoral Candidate, Department of Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado.


Glenda Laws Paper Award: Elizabeth Gagen, Syracuse University.


Glenda Laws Paper Award: Donna B. Rubinoff, “Towards a Feminist Perspective on Alternative Development.”

Glenda Laws MA Student Paper Award: Laura Y. Liu, “Controlling Choice by Controlling Access: Abortion and Its Protestors.”


Graduate Student Paper Award –